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No film is big or small, assures Alia Bhatt | Hindi Movie News

by Joe Bourn
In times of troll toxicity, cynicism, health crisis and nepotism, it’s good to hear about kind gestures and humanity reigning supreme. Expectant mother Alia Bhatt made many TV artists happy with her friendly gesture and see how.

A well-known face on television, actor Sandeep Baswana made his directorial debut with the recent film ‘Haryana’. Its cast consists of familiar and new faces from television. In the story, one of the characters in the film adores Alia. Sandeep felt it was important for Alia to know this. When informed, the actress sent a special note to the team, stating that she will help them in any way she can. Whether she facilitates them with her shots or more.

A crew member told BT, “Sandeep felt it necessary to get permission to use Alia’s name and her footage in the film as per the usual rule. Sandeep sent a message directly to Alia and asked her to allow her name and footage to be used in the film. Without any hesitation, Alia came back and assured her support and guidance to the team as much as she could.” Alia’s note read: “I feel so flattered. I would love you, help you and support you in any way I can, not just because I’m an important part of your movie. I think we should all do what we can to support any film big, small, medium it doesn’t matter.”

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