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No format experimentation is planned for the new Community film

by Stewart Cole

It’s still hard to believe CommunityThe rallying cry/slogan of “six seasons and a movie” has come true. Fans of the quirky and inventive sitcom know this CommunityHis entire journey was quite turbulent. The series was frequently shuffled into NBC’s schedule during its original run due to low ratings. However, although it never caught on with the wider television audience, Community found a die-hard audience that deeply resonated with the show’s innovative approach to the sitcom.

Although there were several aspects of it Community that helped it stick to a conventional sitcom approach, the series often broke new ground with wildly experimental, one-off episodes. From the hilarious paintball episode – which plays like a parody of ’90s action movies – to the D&D episode, Community has always interacted with the sitcom format. However, Dan Harmon was quite clear that fans of the show we shouldn’t expect elements from the aforementioned episodes to find their way into the upcoming ones Community film.

On Friday’s episode of “Six Seasons and a Podcast,” Harmon pulled back the curtain on what to expect in the upcoming Peacock movie “Community.”

“It’s a lot easier for me to rule things out than to tell you what we’re after,” he told the hosts. “For example, we say, ‘Do we really think it would be a good idea to have a paintball episode?’ “Community” movie. We’ve done a lot of episodes where you’re happily locked in a structure that’s not” It’s not a traditional sitcom narrative, but it’s rather through the lens of David Fincher or Martin Scorsese. There were many special episodes that felt like tributes to the genre. The paintball thing was one of them. We tried to do a lot more paintball, and they were all great things to do, but would anything ever have the joy of the original paintball episode?”

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