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No one can predict the future of a movie: Akshay Kumar

by Joe Bourn

The Kashmir archives he did so well that he managed to make me disappear Bachchhan Paandey,“, Admits Akshay Kumar. The actor, who has started working on his next film, says there will come a time when actors will have to accept that they are necessary.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad movies go well. Many bad movies went well for me. Many times people around you say that a movie is good, but it still does not go well. So Mr.isi ka baap bhee nahin keh sakta whether a movie can become a success or a failure. There are times when people watch a movie and tell me they will get a big 30 crores opening and then it fails. I have been called a reliable and trustworthy star, but these are all rumors. “No one can predict the future of any movie,” says Akshay.

The actor emphasizes that success is temporary and this must be understood.

“I have seen many stars fall. Every Friday a new star will fall. I have seen questions from the media change every Friday. About 8-9 years ago I had a lot of movies that failed and I was asked why so many of my movies were flopping. These words change depending on the season and I accept it. “Everyone has to make room for others to come in and leave when the time is right,” says Akshay rather philosophically.

The actor believes that there is no recipe for success. “It’s about luck. I’ve seen about 14 to 16 films of my films fall one after another. He just needs to concentrate and keep working. Everyone has ups and downs, some have longer nights and some shorter. “But then it will dawn,” he says Hilandi.

Warning not to be complacent, he says, “You have to work hard. When you go to any film studio, you realize that there is a guy standing there who wants to go to the movies, he has done a lot of work and when you hear him speak, he has a better voice than you and a better body than yours. “But why he did not succeed is what we call fate,” he notes.

That said, the actor makes film after film without a break. “What should I do? I can not stay home. I have to keep working and that’s why we are all here. I’m not one to comment on others, but I have to finish a movie in 45 or 55 days of filming. I can not “I’m back for 100 days plus no movies. I have to finish my shooting on time and move on. I’m a small actor and not a big star,” says Akshay, who is known as a producer.

“You know I’m still the same person you knew 30 years ago. I have not changed. I tried not to waste the time of any of my fellow actors. I’m usually one of the first people on the set. “Everyone’s time must be respected,” he said.

The actor is also the target of many memes. “A lot of people send me memes. I like to see them and read them. Many of them are quite smart. I even promote them to others. “I hope it continues,” he says.

Akshay has a lot of movies coming up. “Usually the day a movie comes out, I start another movie. I have a variety of movies coming. I’m playing a psychopath inside Cinderella“, He shares.

Akshay will also make a two-character film with Tiger Shroff – Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan except for part of films such as Raka Bandan, Selfie and Prithviraj. “I just signed, as the scripts came, depending on what was new to me,” he says.

Speaking about the movie with the Tiger, he says, “People have to make movies of two and three heroes. I do not understand why the actors are reluctant to sign such films. Look at Hollywood. They make such big movies with so many actors. Why can’t a man make a movie with five girls in the lead (Mission Mangal)? What is the role that everyone continues to play? I can not make a character of my role. I want to be a part of some good movies and successful movies that do a good job. “It will benefit me,” he says.

Akshay also reveals that he is learning a new language and a new style of work from the younger generation. “When my son speaks to me in a different language, I do not understand and I tell him please go slowly and explain the acronyms to me”, he smiles.

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