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Noel Gallagher will film the creation of his new album at Abbey Road Studios

by Stewart Cole

Noel Gallagher has announced that he will be shooting his new album at Abbey Road Studios.

The former Oasis guitarist took part in an interview on Matt Morgan’s Podcast. During the interview, Noel Gallagher reveals that the “magic moments” of himself and his band recording the new album will be recorded. Unlike Peter Jackson’s new documentaries, The Beatles: Get Back, there will be no shots of him writing the music.

“I write, after seeing it for an hour, then you see it,” Noel Gallagher says in the interview. “It’s the Beatles and Paul McCartney is writing ‘Get Back and I’m writing an album that, frankly, with the best of will, is not going to hurt a lot of people.’ I fool around with the same five chords that I used all my life, “Sunshine, through the rain, can not buy fame…”, does not have the same weight “.

Gallagher’s new album is a sequel to 2017 Who built the moon?. In the interview, he goes on to say that he has already written the album. In fact, he plans to record it next month. On the disc, there will be some separate acoustic ballads.

“One of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” continues Noel Gallagher. “It has wonderful chords and it is very, very sad. In the lyrics the music is quite sad and the feeling in the lyrics is quite strong, but in the chorus the music is quite uplifting and the words are very sad. It’s a fucking wonderful song. “

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