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Nysa Devgan is inspired by mom Kajol for a new selfie, posing in an off-shoulder dress | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Kajol’s daughter, Nysa Devgan, seems to have been inspired by fashion as she posed for a new selfie mirror. The 18-year-old wore a black dress open at the shoulders with a torn front and an asymmetrical hem. Keep her look simple, with accessories only with a gold chain and a green baguette bag.

A fan account dug up an old photo of Kajol wearing a similar black out-of-the-shoulder outfit, taken in 2017. Many complimented her and Nysa. “What a beauty,” one commented, while another called them “so wonderful.”

In an Instagram post to wish her daughter her 18th birthday, Kajol revealed that she was very “nervous” when Nysa was born. “It was the biggest test of my life and I had all these fears and feelings that accompany it for at least a whole year. “Then I turned 10 and realized that I was a teacher only a few times, most of the time, I was a student learning new ways of doing things and looking at them,” she wrote.

“And now we come to today and I can finally say that I went through with the famous. You are what we all say women should be so high my love and do not diminish your shine for anyone. I cover you! Happy adulthood. “You have the tools, so use your strengths for good,” he added.

Nysa was born to Kajol and Ajay Devgn on April 20, 2003. She has a younger brother named Yug.

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Kajol, on Kareena Kapoor’s show What Women Want, had said that she is not a particular parent who controls Nysa and Yug. He said that while he was “completely and utterly and obviously” obsessed with them, he did not participate too much in their lives. “There is a fine line between giving children a grid to grow up and crushing them to a point where they can not grow up,” he said.

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