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One of the scariest movies of recent years has just been added to Netflix

by Stewart Cole

Despite strong reviews, the deeply disturbing horror was not released theatrically in Ireland.

Having already added a hidden gem sitcom, Netflix brought to its service one of the scariest films of recent years.


Titled The Lodgethe film comes from the same directing duo behind 2014's ultra-creepy horror Goodnight Mommy and stars Riley Keough (Daisy Jones & the Six) as Grace, a woman with a very troubled past.

Newly engaged, she goes to stay with her fiancé Richard (Richard Armitage) and his two children (Jaden Martell and Leah McHugh) at their country retreat for Christmas.

Soon into the trip, however, Richard is called back to town for work – leaving Grace stuck with the pair of children who are resentful and hostile towards their stepmother.

As tensions between the three grow and a series of strange occurrences lead to them being trapped in the shelter, Grace's logic begins to unravel.


Riley Keough in The Lodge, a chilling horror now streaming on Netflix

Despite rave reviews from critics following its 2019 premiere at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival – the film currently holds a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – The Lodge did not receive a theatrical release in Ireland and the UK.

And that's a real shame, as the film's dark and brooding story, chilly wintry atmosphere and terrific turn from Keough – who manages to be both likable and terrifying in equal measure – deserve a wider audience.


Here's a sampling of the positive reviews The Lodge has received from reviewers:

Republic of Arizona: “The Lodge is an extremely creepy horror film – and genuinely disturbing.”

Chicago Sun-Times: “Keough's work is so strong, so effective, that by the time we know Grace's ultimate fate, we would have bought any of the possible options.”


The guardian: “A film that manages to get under your skin and stay there until the horrifying end.”

Los Angeles Times: “The key to [Keough’s] treacherous and terrifying performance is that in the end you are not sure if you should be afraid of her or afraid for her.

RogerEbert.com: “A truly disturbing film, the kind of horror film that moves you on an almost subconscious level.”

SlashFilm: “An icy cold combination of The Shining and religious frenzy running amok, The Lodge opens with a bang and never lets up… Scary as hell.”

The Lodge is available to stream now on Netflix in Ireland and the UK. Watch its trailer here:


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