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OTT to enjoy on the big screen… There is also a feeling of “golf around the corner”

by Pansy Robbins

[전지적 체험 시점] KT ‘Giga Genie A’ decoder

Increase OTT accessibility with Google OS
Reinforcement of vivid experiences such as games and home games
I’m sorry for the rugged and typical appearance

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▲ GiGA Genie A set-top box and remote control.

“Ginny, show me the Spider-Man movie.”

Before going to see the movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, which recently hit theaters, to review previous work, when I spoke to the remote control of KT’s latest set-top box ‘Giga Genie A’, the Spider -The Man series immediately appeared on screen. Speech recognition started from the moment you yelled “Genie” without having to press a separate button.

GiGA Genie A, which I rented from KT for 3 weeks and experimented with, was a big plus in that it was easy to find and enjoy various online video services (OTT) based on the Google’s Android TV operating system (OS) and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) speech recognition. You can watch domestic OTTs like Wave and Watcha as well as foreign OTTs like Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, and Apple TV +.

In particular, Korea’s most popular Netflix and YouTube have separate buttons on the remote, so single access and quick viewing was a plus as well. However, Teabing downloads the app, but doesn’t actually run it.

The voice recognition feature, which is Genie’s traditional strength, also stood out. As of today’s weather, various services such as music search, traffic information, news listening and radio can only be operated by voice recognition without pressing the button on the remote control. Google Assistant, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) service, is also installed.

A swing practitioner who lets you enjoy the golf game 'Pie Golf' via GiGA Genie A.

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▲ A swing practitioner who lets you enjoy the golf game ‘Pie Golf’ via GiGA Genie A.

It should also be noted that the set-top box not only allows watching TV or OTT, but also enjoying entertainment such as games. I played the golf game ‘Pi Golf’ installed in GiGA Genie A. Although I have never played golf, GiGA Genie A recognized the sensor swing practitioner who was praised and was able to have an experience alive like playing real golf. In addition, it was possible to enjoy various entertainment activities such as home training.

However, there was a slight delay when switching to the home screen or launching a specific app. As many functions are displayed on the home screen at once, the overall impression of the program is heavy. In terms of design, the previous GiGA Genie series adopted a graceful speaker type, but the GiGA Genie A was also disappointing as it came in the form of a clunky, typical decoder that doesn’t feel any great functionality.

Reporter Na Sang-hyun

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