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Prajakta Koli will not give up creating content for Bollywood | Bollywood

by Stewart Cole

YouTuber Prajakta Koli is about to start her journey in Bollywood, but she does not intend to put content creation on hold while pursuing a career in cinema.

“I’m really looking forward to my Bollywood debut. Although I know there are some big names associated with the movie, I’m not pushing for that. “Because what do I have to lose?” shares Collie, who will see Jug Jey Jeeyo, starring Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor.

The 28-year-old, who became famous after she started posting videos on social media under the pseudonym Mostly Sane, adds: “This is my first time and if I do not succeed, it will be a lesson. But appearing next to such amazing performers brings a little peace, and you think it will be okay. “So I really do not feel pressured.”

Collie has also appeared on an online show, Mismatch. Opening for the transition from content creator to actor, the 28-year-old shares: “I’m not looking at the transition right now. In fact, my move to Bollywood will hit me when the movie is closer to release. Because I have over six more months until it is released. I do not know how to process it “.

However, the only thing she is sure of is that she will not stop creating content for the virtual world. “I definitely want to play and play more characters. I want to try new things. But content creation does not stop there. There is my heart. “As we move forward, I try to do it all.”

He intends to do this by dedicating one week a month to delivering content. “I still have a week to go back and upload all the content to YouTube. And then we magically do the rest of the day for all the other projects. I thought it would be difficult, which it is, but it is possible if we sit down and plan properly. “This is what I intend to do in the future,” he said as he signed.

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