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Prateik Babbar Asking his wife for permission for personal film scenes

by Joe Bourn

Shortly after the release of the film Gehraiyaan, Deepika Padukone was bombarded with online comments when she asked her husband, actor Ranveer Singh, for permission before making personal scenes with Sidhhant Chaturvedi in the film. The fact that it has become a hot topic of discussion says a lot about the mentality of some people in India.

Actor Prateik Babbar, who stars in the upcoming film Batsan Pantei along with Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon, recently stood up and shared his thoughts on the subject.

Pratik Babbar on the recent discussion of familiar scenes after the release of “Gehraiyaan”.

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In a recent interview with ETimes, Pratik Babbar commented on whether the actors should seek their husband’s permission to make familiar scenes in movies. He said that he needs a conversation, but not permission.

The actor said, “I do not think there is a license that needs to be involved, but we should definitely discuss it or not. Maybe there are such actors who need to get permission from their spouses. In my opinion, I think it is wrong. “Because the husband must respect what the other spouse does.”

Pratik Babbar does not wait for his partner to ask for permission

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He added, “Ααπ μερι μαα χο? Aap only baap ho (Are you my mom or dad)? I totally disagree with the fact that I have to get permission. Kaun hote ho aap muje dene ko permission? Day career hain, apne pairon pe khade hokar hum kaam karte hai. Main apne baap in permission νάχι λέτα (Who are you to give me permission? It’s my career that I built and I work alone. I do not seek it from my father either). Forgive my language. I do not expect my partner to ask me for permission, I definitely expect to have a discussion about it. “Permission is, I think, the wrong word.”

What is “Gehraiyaan”?

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In the film, Deepika’s character is a yoga teacher who has an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend (Dhairya Karwa). She then enters into a relationship with her cousin’s fiancé (Siddhant Chaturvedi). Ananya Pandey has played the role of Deepika’s cousin.

What does Deepika Padukone have to say about online reviews?

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During his promotions Gehraiyaan, Deepika was asked what she thinks about online reviews. Speaking to Bollywood bubblehe said, “It’s foolish to react to this. I do not read comments. I’m pretty sure that [Ranveer Singh] It does not suit. “I think it’s so silly.” He added that Ranveer was “extremely proud” of her role in the film.

The observations of Deepika and Prateik shed light on such a much-needed debate. Since actors are like other professionals, it’s time to streamline their choices in relation to their work.

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