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Prey director reveals how Assassin’s Creed Valhalla influenced upcoming film

by Stewart Cole

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg has revealed that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla played a key role in the development and music of his upcoming film.

When discussing the creative process for his new film Prey, director Dan Trachtenberg discussed how a popular video game franchise heavily inspired the soundtrack for his new film.

The video game franchise in question is the long-running Assassin’s Creed series. Specifically, the latest entry in the series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The music for the game was composed by Sarah Schachner, Jesper Kyd and Eivar Selvik. Trachtenberg approached Schachner, and as a result of her work on Valhalla, she was hired as Prey’s lead composer.

In a tweet, Trachtenberg admitted that while preparing the film he was also playing through Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. He immediately felt drawn to the game’s soundtrack and quickly went on the hunt to find out who composed the music.

“When we were making the film in Calgary, I was playing AC Valhalla and I was like, this music is insanely beautiful. Who did this?’ The answer is Sarah Schachner.” Trachtenberg went on to add that he believes Schachner has a bright future ahead of him.

“You’ll be hearing her a lot in the future, I promise…”

The initial reviews and reception for the film have been positive. In particular, many praise Schachner and the film’s score as one of the biggest takeaways from the experience.

Schachner doesn’t have much credit to her name so far in her career. However, it mostly has worked in compositing for video games. Prior to her work on AC Valhalla, Schachner also worked on the music composition for Assassin’s Creed Origins and Unity.

He has also composed for some of the recent Call of Duty titles. These are 2016’s Infinite Warfare as well as 2019’s Modern Warfare. While she has worked on films in the past, composing the score for Prey marks her biggest role in the film world.

The final film from the iconic Predator universe, Prey, is released on Hulu on August 5, 2022. The film will be a prequel and is set to take place in the Comanche Nation, 300 years ago.

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