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Producer Jumanji teases “Really Big Vision” for the upcoming third film

by Stewart Cole

Hiram Garcia is Dwayne Johnson’s longtime production partner and the Seven Bucks Productions team has many exciting projects to look forward to. Not only is Johnson making his long-awaited debut as Black Adam this year, but the wrestler who became an actor has some big sequels in the works. During a recent conversation with Accelerator, Garcia revealed that the studios wanted to sequel several of Johnson’s films, but the actor is selective about which projects he will return to because he “literally would never work” if he said yes to everything. However, Johnson will be making a sequel soon Jungle cruise as well as another Jumanji film. While talking to me Accelerator, Garcia teased what fans can expect from Johnson’s Jumanji 4.

“It will happen. It will happen, for sure. We have a very big vision for this third Jumanji movie “, Garcia shared. “We were just talking about the stadium the other day. We will bring it to Sony soon. But this movie will be made. It will be done later Red, but this time works well with all the scheduled actors anyway. As you can imagine, Kevin [Hart] is very busy doing a million things, like being a DJ. All the actors are very busy. So the timing will work great, but we have a really great step for the movie we are going to bring to the studio, we will probably write a screenplay soon. Some time later Red, Jumanji ‘it will be on deck as soon as it is ready to come out and we have a very big vision for this movie “.

Garcia added: “We love it and we like it Jumanji family. This cast, the team of filmmakers, is one of our favorite experiences, we love this whole team, Matt Tolmach, Jake Kasdan. But then when you have Jack [Black] and Karen [Gillan] and Kevin, again, another one of those special movies where you only have a bunch of giant master actors, and that’s the best. These sets are one of the funniest sets you can ever play. Everyone is so kind, so enjoyable. They all do so well. It’s such a family that making these movies is just a real joy. Whenever we can do it, we like to come back for it, so that’s always a priority for us. “This is great for us who definitely want to be able to come back and say this third film.”

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