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Ratna Pathak Shah talks about older women getting major roles in film

by Joe Bourn

Ratna Pathak Shah spoke about more women getting roles above a certain age now. The actress admitted that women are a significant segment of the paying public. The actor said the filmmakers should meet their demands.

Talking to you Bollywood bubble, Ratna said, “I think it’s definitely a reality and there are several reasons for that. First, we are a very important part of the paying public. Humare pass maal hai aur aur aurton ke pass abhi maal hai (We have money and women these days have money) You should thank me. You should tell me stories that I find interesting. I don’t find Madmax and this whole violent world interesting. You should tell me stories that I like because I’m paying for it. It is a very big important event.’

“Second thing, there are so many of us, right” And thirdly, we’ve finally gotten out of this completely stereotypical formulaic mindset of doing a story. Ek hi kahaani chapte jao, chapte jao TV mein, movies mein, har jagah ek hi chapte jao, (keep doing one kind of stories, on TV, in movies, exactly the same everywhere), he added.

Ratna Pathak Shah on OTT platform extravaganza

The Sarabhai vs Sarabhai The actress also talked about OTT platforms and how they are “great disruptors” in the game, but it’s too much from repeating the same ideas. He said that if one person executes an idea well, fifteen more people will follow suit. Since it’s incredibly hard to come up with an original idea, they just copy it.

On the work front, Ratna Pathak Shah is currently starring in web series Happy Family: Conditions apply alongside Raj Babbar, Ayesha Jhulka, Atul Kulkarni and Sanah Kapur. The 10-episode series, written and directed by Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia, debuted digitally on March 10 with four episodes. After that, two new episodes will air every Friday until March 31.

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