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Return to the Matrix with an exclusive new Resurrections poster

by Stewart Cole

Warner Brothers has given ComicBook.com an exclusive first look at a new poster for The Matrix Resurrections. The new design comes from the artists of the Posse poster and includes all the basics Matrix topics such as Keanu Reeves as Neo, the black and red world dominated by machines and the plugs that humans use to enter and exit the womb. The poster debuted just a week before the film’s release in theaters and on HBO Max, revisiting an iconic film franchise that had been dormant for nearly two decades.

Looking back on the original trilogy, Carrie-Anne Moss pondered the introduction to the world in her role as Trinity in an interview with ComicBook.com recently. The scene called for her to jump in the air as her character and appear perched there, as an innovative camera system created a rotating shot before kicking her enemy. On set, the actress did not realize how influential this moment would be in film history. “I certainly did not feel it right now, I did not understand the meaning of bullet time,” Moss said. “When I saw the movie, of course, I understood [The Matrix Resurrections]”I think the moment we were at the top of the roof and we were going to make this jump, that was the moment I felt similar.”

The new poster makes its debut exclusively here at ComicBook.com! See below.

(Photo: The Matrix Resurrections Poster by Poster Posse)

With Reeves and Moss returning The Matrix Saga, there are many new cast members in the franchise, including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a new release of Morpheus. “I’m not good at advice, so I just wanted to be supportive and available and open and just say, ‘Thank you for being here, let’s make a movie and have fun doing the best we can,'” he said. Reeves for himself. relationship with newcomers. “I spoke with Lawrence [Fishburne] a little bit. I think Yahya made an amazing version of his own Morpheus. I think Lana Wachowski wrote the role and what it can mean in it, the sensitive program, I do not want to give too much … but I think it is a very interesting and, in the film, enjoyable, development of the story. “

As for whether or not they will return for more on the franchise, “I’ve not heard anything,” Reeves said. “We heard nothing.”

Are you excited to return to the matrix? Share your thoughts in the comments section or send them Instagram. The Matrix Resurrections premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22nd.

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