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Richard Gere hits the streets of Cambridge for new film

by Stewart Cole

Gere was filming his new movie Longing on the Main Street Bridge and at the Grand Cafe in downtown Galt

Cambridge has seen a number of famous actors and productions grace the historic streets of Hespeler, downtown Galt and Preston.

On Wednesday, a cold, rainy autumn day, actor Richard Gere was filming his new movie Desire on the Main Street Bridge and Grand Cafe in downtown Galt.

The Online Movie Database describes the film as an English adaptation of the Israeli film “Ga’agua” by writer director Savi Gabizon. The film follows Gere as he discovers that he has a long-lost son with an old ex-girlfriend in Canada. He learns that his son has died and tries to learn about his life through the people closest to him.

“As he explores the life of his dead son and gets to know him through those closest to him, Daniel is forced to evaluate the life choices that have led him to this crossroads,” reads the IMDB synopsis.

During the shoot, a crowd was anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood actor.

“I hope he comes here and gives me an autograph,” said Karen Main, one of the many people who lined up to see Gere.

Main has watched Gere for decades admiring him for his performance in the blockbuster Pretty Woman and more recently in the 2009 film Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale.

Another couple braving the cold and rain was Tom Howat and his wife. They read about Gere coming to town and decided to stop by and see him in action.

“We love seeing these places in movies and shows,” Howat said. “Whenever we see big trailers we pull over because we know something is being filmed there.”

Howat believes films like these coming to Cambridge show how valuable the city’s heritage and history is, but is always surprised that major productions like these choose Cambridge as a backdrop.

Filming is only scheduled for October 26 with traffic in the Main Street Bridge area affected.

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