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Romeo Miller & Juliana Harkavy discuss new movie “Who Is Christmas Eve?” – Alexus Renée Celebrity Myxer

by Stewart Cole

What is Christmas Eve? premiere on Bounce TV on Sunday, November 21, 2021. It is a heartfelt Christmas story. We had the opportunity to interview the second star Romeo Miller and Juliana Kharkavi depicting Pamela Slaton, genealogical researcher, writer and producer of the film. There were other expert guests who attended the interview, including Pamela Slaton, Loni Love from the real, David Hudson its Executive Vice President Scripps Networks, and we had a special surprise from Teacher P.! Watch our exclusive interview!

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Exclusive Interview

Romeo Miller depicts Chris, Eve Simmons boy (pictured by Page Heard, Power Book II: Ghost.) His character is a real charming prince, who fully understands Eva’s difficult position of not knowing her biological parents. They left her on the doorstep of a church with a pendant. His character sought out Pam Slaton to try to find Eve’s biological parents to reveal the mystery behind her identity.

We asked both Romeo and Juliana Harkavy (Arrow) impersonating Pam Slaton, on preparing for difficult roles.

Fun event τε you knew it Romeo Miller was called to play a male stripper in a movie LOL! (It was magical Mike?) Anywhoo, although he did not take the role he did victoriously for months as he is a perfectionist. He said in our interview with him, “If the video from my rehearsals ever goes online, I will go viral!”

In all seriousness he said of his role “I felt it was made for me! they push me [in] a certain direction from God. “When I play characters, it’s more important.” Miller continues, “Chris is the person who fights for someone he loves and wants the best for him. This person may not see it that way. I think we all have a Chris in our lives in some form or form. “

We also asked Romeo how he made a name for himself and came out of the shadow of his super mogul father. Master P. Romeo has a large family of seven younger siblings and teaches them and takes his own advice to be the best man they can be. He shared that he looks at his father as a gift, he can choose his mind and aspire to become exponentially better. Children who follow successful parents come with pressure, but it is a mentality to succeed…

Surprise Master P Visits Celebrity Myxer Interview With Who Is Christmas Eve Cast

During the live interview, we had Master P surprise us and come in… is a time to watch! PS Loni Love, you better get Master P those shades girl!

About Who Is Eve Christmas

The movie Who Is Christmas Eve is shown on Bounce TV

The movie Who Is Christmas Eve is shown on Bounce TV

Eve Simmons was not left with questions and a pendant when she was abandoned as an infant on the steps of the church on Christmas Eve. Now in her thirties and struggling to move on with her life, she begins a search for her parents who were born with the help of a famous genealogical researcher. Pam Slaton.

The real-life Slaton is the country’s foremost expert on the reunion of adoptees with their parents. As an adoptive self, Slaton’s provocative personal experience with her born mother motivated Slaton to help other adopted projects in her life.

Over the course of her career to date, Slaton has reunited thousands of adoptees with their families, including rapper Daryl McDaniels with a reputation for RUN-DMC, who appears as a cameo himself in “Who Is Christmas Eve?” As part of the Emmy Award-winning documentary, “DMC: My Adoption Journey“, Reunited McDaniels with his birth mother. Slaton’s actual work has been extensively featured on television and in the print media.

Although we have not been able to talk to Pam Slaton and David Hudson, who is the EVP of the original programming on Scripps Networks (Bounce TV, ION, Laff, Court TV, Court TV Mystery, Grit, Defy TV, TrueReal and Newsy) it was their pleasure to attend the interview.

Be sure to watch the interview Bounce TV on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

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