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Ryan Reynolds is releasing his new movie on Netflix with Welsh subtitles

by Stewart Cole

Ryan Reynolds is a great thing in Wales right now. You’ve probably heard that the Hollywood star has bought a stake in Wrexham FC, with his Rob McElhenney It’s always sunny in Philadelphia reputation as a co-investor.

But Wales is a big deal for Reynolds as well. So much so that his latest action comedy, Netflix Red alert, released with Welsh subtitles. It’s not a privilege given to many – or as far as we know, any other major Netflix releases.

It’s the kind of spectacular marketing synergy we live for. “I personally can’t stand those celebrities who take the opportunity to shoot for personal gain,” Reynolds said in a video. “A lot of critics are crazy about the film and it will have Welsh subtitles for my friends in Wrexham.” ,

Red alert, which broke the viewing platform of the streaming platform on the first day, co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. The first plays a profile of the FBI, whose forensic mind is backed by guns the size of archives. Gando, meanwhile, is the art thief he and Reynolds are chasing. The overthrowing; Reynolds’ character is also an art thief.

Anyway, some art is definitely being stolen by some A-listers and you can watch it (with Welsh subtitles) now.

Red alert
Photo: Netflix

The Wrexham-ers will get another treat next year Welcome to Wrexham, a behind-the-scenes look at the club’s acquisition of Reynolds and McElhenney, is available on Netflix.

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