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Ryoo Seung-wan Captured Both Humanism And Action In The Movie ‘Mogadishu’

by Pansy Robbins
The first meeting between Kim Yun-seok and Jo In-sung, the true story of the 1991 civil war in Somalia, and the meeting between the production team of ‘Berlin’ and director Ryoo Seung-wan. ‘Mogadishu’, which beat the cumulative audience of 2.5 million on its 22nd day of release (based on the Korean Film Council’s integrated computer network on the morning of August 19), quickly takes audiences into the midst of a war civilian raining bullets.

In 1991, as the Republic of Korea, which had called for globalization through the Asian Games and the Seoul Olympics, was struggling to join the UN, a civil war against the dictatorship broke out in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. . North Korea, which began its diplomacy with Somalia 20 years earlier than South Korea, had a diplomatic advantage. South Korean Ambassador Han Shin-seong (Kim Yun-seok) and Advisor Intelligence Officer Kang Dae-jin (Jo In-seong) are isolated in a civil war during a conflict with North Korea, and North Korean Ambassador Rim Yong-su (Heo Jun-ho) and Advisor Tae Joon-ki (Gu Gwa-hwa), etc. come ask

The most striking thing about ‘Mogadishu’ is the clearly contrasting character battles. Although their ideologies are different, the ensemble shown by Kim Yun-seok and Heo Jun-ho, who have high patriotism, human dignity, and a high sense of responsibility to their own people, attracts attention. Jo In-seong, who is in charge of embassy security but is loyal to the country to the point of sometimes overstepping the line, Koo In-seong’s reversal chemistry is also a big part of the piece. Kim Yun-seok, a famous and irreplaceable actor, who showed infinite digestive power in ‘1987’, ‘Screw Murder’ and ‘Namhansanseong’, played an all-out diplomatic battle and played the role of the Ambassador Han Shin-seong, who leads people from the Northern and Southern embassies in a civil war situation. Starting out as a petty citizen trying to bury him in moderation while awaiting promotion to the UN, he turns into an enterprising figure caring for the embassy family in a hurry. . Meanwhile, Heo Jun-ho takes on the role of Rim Yong-su, North Korea’s ambassador, who sometimes shows resolute charisma, sometimes a flexible response in the midst of a Somali fugitive in a diplomatic battle. fierce with the Republic of Korea. Amid a fierce diplomatic battle with the Republic of Korea, he shows overwhelming chemistry with Kim Yun-seok, who says, “Diplomacy also needs elegance. On the other hand, Jo In-seong, who has shown various acting transformations in modern and historical dramas from “The King” to “Ansiseong,” takes on the role of counselor Kang Dae-jin, an intelligence agent from the ministry. of security. and public administration, sent to support the Korean Embassy. It features brutal masculine and Konglish action regardless of nationality, and shows an anti-war ensemble with North Korean adviser Goo Gwan, who has raw charm. Gu Gwan-hwa, who recently appeared in popular films such as “Peninsula” and “Kingdom: Ashinjeon” as well as critically acclaimed independent films such as “Catfish” and “Jane of the Dream”, plays Jo In-sung as Advisor Kang Dae-jin, who has excellent information and planning skills.

Another factor driving the film’s focus is the supporting cast. Jung Man-sik, who plays loyal secretary Gong Soo-cheol, who serves as the hand and foot of an ambassador, makes the film laugh with his goofy and witty comedic acting rather than the dark and gloomy characters. rough he has shown so far. His wife Jo Su-jin (Kim Jae-hwa) also adds vitality to the play by playing the role of an independent and actionable clerk, and Kim Myung-hee (Kim So-jin), an ambassador’s wife. who are wary of North Korean officials, but cannot convey their fate, are also actively overcoming the crisis.

“Mogadishu” was 100% shot in Essaouira, a city in Morocco, Africa, whose environment most closely resembles that of Somalia. Demonstration scenes, shown by auxiliary artists from more than five countries in the roles of citizens, rebels and government forces, create spectacular tension as if they were really in the situation of the civil war in Somalia. In the second half of the play, Car Chasing, in which the protagonists who were locked up in the embassy, ​​show the action for good, is comparable to any action movie. This scene, which wraps a car in books and sandbags, and runs through the streets dodging rebel bullets, is the most tense and reveals the despair of the main characters. At the end of the play, in the scene where the North and South Koreans who have been through a crisis together part ways, the two actors, Heo Jun-ho and Kim Yun-seok, show affectionate camaraderie and a warm humanity with only their hair. , eyebrows and shoulders. Duration 121 minutes.

Written by Choi Jae-min Photo by Lotte Entertainment

※This article contains a plot that may be a spoiler for the movie.

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