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Sara Ali Khan Exclusive Interview: ‘Atrangi Re’, Loud Image, ‘Coolie No.1’, Self-Changes, ‘Love Aajkal’ & More | Hindi Movie News

by Stewart Cole
ETimes has met Sara Ali Khan who is waiting for the release of ‘Atrangi Re’. The young girl was in a state of introspection and we went to talk to her about many questions we were waiting for you and me to ask. Sara took all the questions athletically and answered. Watch the video below:

Excerpts from the conversation:

What prompted you to “Atrangi Re”? The presence of Akshay Kumar? The fact that it was directed by Aanand L Rai? Or, was it the script?

It took me nothing more than to know that Aanji wanted to make a movie with me. But when I heard the script, I was surprised. Anandji has the ability to make stories that are simple but complex. I have the privilege of being a member of ‘Atrangi Re’.

I heard that you lost several kilos before dancing with sari in the song “Chakachak” …

Yes I did it. And, I lost all the pounds I wanted. I tend to eat more. I do not believe in crash diet; affects your hair, affects your mood, is not healthy. So I was just careful not to overeat.

Have you ever danced with a saree, say at home at least?

Not at home, but I have. A long time ago, at my mom’s niece’s best friend’s wedding. But it was not like I did in “Chakachak”! Not with this crazy energy!

“Atrangi Re” has aroused curiosity. people want to know who is finally mating with you – Akshay or Dhanush. Have you ever been confused in real life with two boys, say at school or college?

Not at all. I may think a lot about something, but the decision I make is quite firm. I try to be clear in all aspects of life, not just food.

Hearing that you were very disappointed when ‘Love Aajkal’ did not do well. What went wrong with this movie?

I do not know what went wrong. If the public did not like it, there was a problem. But I enjoyed working with Imtiaz Ali, sir, we both worked very honestly. Hmmm … maybe people did not have a relationship with my character, maybe they did not feel for her.

I had a good time. It’s time to find out. Maybe people found my step too strong. From now on, I do not want to give myself a chance to not be 100 percent convinced of that.

But also your character in “Atrangi Re” seems to be strong …

I do not agree. “Being strong” is very subjective. It just has to justify any emotion or expression. You will see this in ‘Atrangi Re’. If I’m strong anywhere, it’s for some reason. It is the director’s job to control me. this is what Ananji did, he asked me to play on the front leg.

Well, you change your approach to acting …

Just a few things.

What went wrong with “Coolie No.1”?

With a movie like “Coolie No.1”, the audience was very different. It was a big change for me in terms of the audience I thought the film was being shot.

You hold things back. Have you learned to be very careful when speaking?

I have realized my image now. It is important to be appropriate in a suitable scenario. Many times I have said something like a joke, but it failed and was misinterpreted. She is the same girl who graduated from Belgium. If they are going to ask me questions beyond myself, I will be careful about the nuances associated with it. I’m a little skeptical now, but I’m not going to be dishonest. It is not that I am dishonest if I am respected.

Has your strong screen image spilled over into your real life to create a misconception about you?

Somewhere along the line there was a loss of vulnerability and relativity, on which Aanandji and I have worked.

Are you disappointed that ‘Atrangi Re’ is being released live on OTT? I ask you why theaters opened …

Some things are not in our hands, it is better to leave them. Of course I love theaters and no experience can repeat it.

Do you watch movies on OTT?

Yes, my last two OTT shows were “Shershaah” and “Mimi”.

Have you seen a movie lately and thought you should have made it?

‘Mime’. What Kriti Sanon did in “Mimi” was beautiful (remember that Chitrangda Singh had also chosen the same film for the same question when we interviewed her a few days ago).

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