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‘Scream’ Could Hit Ghostface Ensemble on Fan-Favorite Character as Fans Slander Worst Projects of 2022

by Stewart Cole

Happy Thursday, killers! With the weekend fast approaching, it’s the perfect time for horror fans around the world to settle in for a movie marathon and enjoy the latest in the genre, such as The menu and Netflix The Pale Blue Eye. And while none of these exciting moves will be covered in today’s dailies horror collection here at We Got This Covered, there are still plenty of genre treasures that have caught our attention. In the last 24 hours, Scream Fans have begun dissecting the perpetrators who could use the Ghostface guise, while the worst projects of 2022 are shamed unapologetically.

So before you watch both of the movies we mentioned above, be sure to follow along as we break down the latest news on the horror bubble.

For as many horror hits as 2022 boasted, it also had some epic fails.

Image via Netflix

No doubt many horror fans have hailed 2022 as a monumental year for the genre — with epic classics like Scream, No, Xand Pearl reinvigorating the catalog and giving die-hards something to be really excited about. On the other hand, not to discount the majority of spooky films that lived up to their expectations, the year also did produce some obvious impurities. Breaking it down, it’s hard to argue for liking lackluster movies Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, Texas Chainsaw Massacreand DASHCAM failed to impress the audience on a bigger level. Truth be told, it’s just as important to point out the worst horror movies of the year as the best.

A strangely familiar face could turn out to be Ghostface after all

Ghostface on
Image via Paramount Pictures

With Scream VI set to be released in less than two months, Redditors have been spending time trying to find the identity behind Ghostface’s killer in the franchise’s sixth installment. In the past, obvious choices (like Richie and Billy) have been one half of a deadly duo, but fans of the franchise are pointing to the opportunity for a lesser known character who wore the iconic mask. Instead, people are suggesting that Mindy Meeks-Martin, Randy’s niece, could actually be the killer for this game. It feels like blasphemy, sure, but the fact is, anyone could hide behind the unforgettable mask — so why not choose a fan-favorite character that will throw fans off their scent?

Unsurprisingly, Shudder continues to “creep” the whole fandom

Image via Blumhouse

Back in 2014, classic found footage horror Shudder unexpectedly caught the attention of the entire fandom — and years later, the disturbing cinematic experience continues to evoke (no pun intended) fans. As eerie as the film is, there’s no denying its compelling narrative, which centers on a photographer hired to create a video diary of a dying man — or so he thinks. Years later, Shudder is still a powerful force in the horror landscape, and with a rumored third entry on the horizon, that popularity is set to continue to soar.

Come back here tomorrow, slasher stans, for a new collection of horror.

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