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Scream Writer comments on Rian Johnson Shoutout of the new movie

by Stewart Cole

Here are the complete spoilers for the new Scream! After 2011 Scream 4 Fans of horror remake horror movies were very curious about what the 2022 Scream movie would look like. Although the film makes some references to modern terms such as “elevated horror” and critical favorites such as The Babadook, the main dissertation on Scream (2022) is the right of the fans, and the way they put it all is by invoking a figure who knows little about being on the verge of being despised by the fans, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Although his name is never mentioned, the Oscar-nominated writer / director is central to the film. Again, spoilers!

As fans of the Scream franchise know, there is an ongoing “movie within movie” with the “Stab” movies. Based on the book by Gale Waders, the Stab movies started as hilarious riffs in the movies as the sequels continued (Scream 2 starts with the premiere of Stab, Scream 3 unfolds around the production of Stab 3 and Scream 4 starts with an extended opening that shows how ridiculous the series became with Stab 6 and Stab 7). In the new Scream However, the eighth film in the Stab series was released in the not too distant past and drew the wrath of the “hardcore” and “true” “fans” of the franchise. When they throw the seeds for it as a catalyst for the plot, the characters tease that this eighth knife movie was the one he made. Knives out citing not only Rian Johnson without saying his name, but drawing a parallel with his work in Star Wars franchise as The Last Jedi was episode 8 of the main series.

In a new interview, Scream Co-writer James Vanderbilt spoke about the decision to use Johnson’s role in some fan circles as a plot device, saying The wrapper:

“We liked the idea that someone had made one that was not well received. Just like some directors have made great IP movies which fans have rejected in a huge way. There is a very small percentage of people who feel such ownership in an IP and to have such anger towards people that if they do not do things exactly as they want, launch it [stuff], and that sounds like something that did not exist 10 years ago. “

“I think watching how people attacked him as an individual, oh, we’re in a new area here,” Vanderbilt added. “Scream” 1 talks about Wes Carpenter’s films, “Scream 2” talks about Stab, directed by Robert Rodriguez. “Rian directed this big IP that was divisive. We felt that if someone directed ‘Stab’ and it was divisive, it would be fun if it was Rian.”

To his credit, Johnson seems to be having fun with the joke, retweeting a meme about it on Twitter after the movie opened.

Scream now playing in cinemas.

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