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Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones talk about new movie “Fresh” at Sundance Panel

by Stewart Cole

With Brent Furdyk.

60 minutes ago

The Sundance Film Festival for 2022 started on Thursday, January 20, and is becoming virtual for the second year in a row.

One of the panels of the day was for the new horror film “Fresh”, starring Sebastian Stan (“The Falcon and the Winter Snowman”) as the seemingly charming Steve, who falls in love with Noa, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones (“Normal People”). Suffice it to say that Steve is revealed to be not who he seemed at all.

During the panel, “Fresh” director Mimi Cave discussed what sets Stan’s character apart from other bad guys in the movie. “Sebastian came in with a level of commitment that he surpassed and put himself in the shoes of someone who had a trauma in the past who would live the life of his character,” he said. “There were small things we wanted to do to distinguish Steve from other bad guys you may have seen in the past.”

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According to Stan, he felt it was important to add some humor to what is a rather horrible scenario. “Humor helps us process traumas and difficult situations in a way that helps us understand,” he explained.

“It came from the tone of recent years like ‘Get Out,’ ‘Killing Eve,’ ‘Parasite, where there’s this confidence that comes from the darkness I enjoy,'” explains screenwriter Lauryn Kahn. “I wanted to make a movie that would say something, but it would not dig into her throat and let people laugh at times.”

Finally, Edgar-Jones talked about how the forced quarantine before filming allowed her to really get into her character mentality. “We all had to be quarantined when we first arrived in Vancouver. Although it was difficult to be alone for two weeks, it gave me really uninterrupted time to think about what we needed to do. “Also, in many of the films I was quite isolated, so it put me in that mentality.”

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Asked if the cast was able to see the meat the same way after the film was shot, Edgar-Jones said ironically, “I could not eat pate after the filming.”

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