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See the first photo of Brendan Fraser as the £600 character in Darren Aronofsky’s drama ‘The Whale’: Pic

by Pansy Robbins
Brandon Fraser. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

complete metamorphosis. brandon fraser You play as a 600 pound man who lives with obesity. Darren Aronofskyupcoming movies whale.

“It will be like nothing you’ve seen before,” Fraser, 53, said. Unirad That’s the content of the October 2021 draft. … Wardrobes and costumes were vast, slick, and intricate. It’s definitely far from what I’ve done so far. …I know it will leave a lasting impression.

First photo from the film shared via Official A24 Twitter account shows Mummy Actor of the same character as Charlie. whale It is set to premiere at the 79th Venice Film Festival later this summer.

weird thingsSadie sink In a psychological drama, she plays Fraser’s teenage daughter, Ellie. The 20-year-old actress opened up about the film in an interview in June. collider.

“It was a small set with a very small cast and we rehearsed for three weeks and Darren wanted to treat it like a play. whale It was originally a play. I think I was able to rehearse in a simulated space by pasting the wall of the shooting site and just like the staging method, the rehearsal method and the theater company.

as much Pier Street Trilogy Star added that Aronofsky’s drama is “just really creative, fulfilling work.”

Brendan Fraser in “The Whale”. A24 provided

whale This is the latest film that has caused controversy for actors wearing greasy suits. After the project was announced in January 2021, the authors and podcasters Aubrey Gordon He tweeted: “It’s so frustrating, exhausting and completely isolated to see this concept build over and over again and trusting people who aren’t obese. Comrade (those who now wear plus sizes): How do you feel -you ?”

in March Renee Zellweger He defended his decision to wear a big suit for his TV series. about Pam.

The 53-year-old Oscar-winning actor, who plays a real-life convicted murderer, said “the idea is precision”. Pam Hop said on the show entertainment tonight. “I think it was really important to look as much like Pam Hung as possible, especially when telling this story. She sounds like someone we recognize and know.

However, not all actors who play tall characters are confident in their decisions after careful consideration. Sarah Paulson He admitted he regretted wearing a prosthetic arm to play Linda Tripp in the film. Impeachment: The History of American Crime.

“The thing I think about the most is that I regret not thinking more deeply. And that’s something I need to think about and think about. american horror story The star, who gained 30 pounds for the role, said: Los Angeles Times August 2021. “I’ve done it before, and I know it’s a great place to sit and reflect and reflect on opportunities no one else has.” When you learn, you can only learn what you learn.

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