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Sennheiser’s ‘sss’ stereoscopic sound technology on Netflix… What is Ambio 2ch Spatial Sound? – Cnet Korea

by Pansy Robbins

(Cnet Korea = Reporter Hyunjong Yoon) German audio company Sennheiser has collaborated with global online video (OTT) service Netflix to apply “AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio,” its immersive audio technology, to Netflix content It has been announced on the 12th that the sound quality will be improved.

Sennheiser’s “Amvio 2-Channel Spatial Sound” is a 2-channel rendering technology of immersive mixing that replaces stereo. In general, it allows you to enjoy immersive sound wherever a stereo system is used, such as a TV, tablet, laptop or headphones.

By applying Sennheiser’s “Amvio 2-Channel Spatial Sound” as the core playback system, Netflix delivers an automatically enhanced immersive sound experience without changing settings. Works to which this sound technology has been applied include the popular Netflix original drama series “Stranger Things”, “The Witcher”, “Locke and Key” and the films “Red Notice”, “Adam Project” and “Fear Street”.

Captured by Sennheiser’s “Ambio 2-channel spatial sound” rendering software (Photo=Senheiser)

A survey of OTT subscribers revealed that viewers often use a portable tablet or the TV’s built-in speaker to watch content. As more and more content is produced in formats such as Dolby Atmos or MPEG-H audio, it is difficult for viewers without separate surround speakers to experience the immersion that spatial sound provides.

To see a list of the latest Netflix content with Sennheiser’s “Ambio 2-Channel Spatial Sound”, just type “Spatial Audio” in the search bar.

“Sennheiser’s Ambio technology was the perfect format for ‘Stranger Things’,” said Mark Paterson, a mixing expert in charge of re-recording ‘Stranger Things Season 4’. “Vekna’s villainous horror voice overwhelms the atmosphere of the drama. I’m very impressed that Sennheiser has achieved such tension in a stereo system.

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