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Shreyas Talpade at Kaun Pravin Tambe ?: At 47, it was hard to get the cricket portions right

by Joe Bourn

Actor Shreyas Talpade says playing Indian cricketer Pravin Tambe in his upcoming CV was a challenge, as he had to accurately capture the athlete’s “endurance, flexibility and art”.

Entitled Kaun Pravin Tambe ?, the upcoming film aims to offer the public an insight into the life and passion of the leg spinner who started playing for IPL Rajasthan Royals at the age of 41.

Although Talpade is not new to cricket-based films, playing a fast bowler in the 2005 Iqbal sports drama, the actor told PTI that his latest work was physically challenging.

“The cricket pieces in the movie were hard. When I did Iqbal, I was 30, which is also not new to the age of cricket because people start early. Pravin started with medium bowling and at a certain period of his career, he switched to spin and was also a batsman. “So to get all that, endurance, flexibility, his art in cricket was tough,” he said.

Shreyas Talpade plays the eponymous role in the film, which presents the journey of cricket from the age of 20 to 42.

The actor said that he practiced cricket with Pravin Tambe for almost three months to acquire his way and style.

“It was definitely challenging. I would probably like to be at least 40 and not 47 to play this role. But as an actor we have to challenge ourselves.

“There were times when I complained of pain, back pain. When your body is so tired, recovery becomes a problem, but then you think about what this man has achieved for 20 years and you just have to work for 50 days. “It was difficult, but Pravin’s spirit kept me going.”

Directed by Jayprad Desai, Kaun Pravin Tambe; will be released on Disney Plus Hotstar on April 1st.

Shreyas Talpade said he had a series of meetings with the Mumbai cricketer to understand “him and his spirit”.

“The film is about the spirit of the man who never gave up. The idea was to follow and capture his spirit. I wanted to understand his mind and find out what kept him going. I realized it was his sincere, unwavering passion for cricket.

“When you meet him, you realize that he eats, thinks, breathes cricket. All he wants is to play cricket, even at 50. If you ask him anything, he will answer you in one word. “If you talk about cricket, it can go on for hours!” he added.

Kaun Pravin Tambe; is supported by Fox Star Studios along with Friday Filmworks and Bootroom Sports Production. It will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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