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Sigourney Weaver in her new film ‘The Good House’ with Kevin Kline

by Stewart Cole

Good luck at “Good House”

The movie “The Good House” stars Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline. And the subject is a New England real estate agent battling alcoholism. And the filming location was Chester.

Me: Chester what? Westchester; Eastchester; Chester where?

Sigourney: “Nova Scotia. The film is set in New England. Chester is like Cape Cod and cheaper to get around. [Sigourney was in French designer clothes as we spoke.]

“The city loved us. We conquered the streets, but their signs read: “Glad to have you here.” Their local kiwi coffee made us feel awful.

“My character is an alcoholic. In a deep dive, she throws her husband, who changes to be with a gay man, and her new love Kevin Kline.

“Because I know the drink I could play the character. I definitely know about this situation. It’s in my family. It’s awful. I myself don’t drink during the day and never alone because I understand it may be partly genetic.’

Any other experience – like during the pandemic?

“Oh, please. My husband and I went to Berlin for the film festival. Returning home we went to Milan for two days. We flew home and immediately went into lockdown.

“The good news is that we just got an Italian Greyhound. His name is Kosi Fang Tutte.”

Jeez, the moment I called that big name my tiny Yorkie would have responded all over my kitchen floor.

Go back to sleep

Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden speaks during the Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center on October 1, 2022.
AFP via Getty Images/ Brendan Smialowski

I have mentioned that Biden’s home state of Delaware did not have a single guide to accompany my visit there. Readers wrote maybe because he didn’t want me there. My answer? Nah. His brains wouldn’t have woken him up for that alone.

It’s time to stay classy

Holiday Season Manners According to Etiquette Expert Ellen Easton: “Introductions. The lowest rank is presented to the highest and the youngest to the oldest.

“A Her may offer her hand in a Greeting, but she rarely extends her hand until she offers first.

“Referral: When meeting a third person, it is necessary to thank the referrer. The protocol then includes this rapporteur at their first meeting.

“Then, que sera sera. Their ongoing relationships are independent of the presenter.

“If your friend befriends one of your friends, no betrayal – just a natural solution for like-minded people to bond. Flashes only if you are using as a contact link.

Dining Room: First talk to your right. Next course the left. No-Nos: Clean the sauce with a piece of bread.

“Don’t forget to thank your host and not on a mobile device. We’re talking through a snail.”

Safe but scared

hurricane jan
Florida residents are trying to recover from the damage of Hurricane Ian.

JUDGE Judy’s house in Florida. Garage flooded. Cars in the water. Generator output. Power outlet. Family members in a nearby apartment cannot reach their high-rise apartment. And there is still no way to assess the damage. Too much water around. Judy: “The day it hit, I was safe and dry in Los Angeles. It’s ironic that my schedule was to fly east that day — and due to work commitments we had to cancel. Someone was watching over us.”

IN RESPECT of Yom Kippur, I will not prepare a column tomorrow for Wednesday and will be off Wednesday and Thursday. It is time to say a blessing for all — to offer forgiveness to all.

And this isn’t just about New York, folks, not just about New York.

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