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Sony Releases Another Spidey Villain Movie As MCU Bad Guy Confirms They’re Still Alive

by Stewart Cole

Brace yourselves, heroes, it’s the villains’ time to shine. The biggest Miracle This Friday’s news of the day isn’t about the MCU, but about its least favorite sibling who resents their older sibling for inheriting all the good looks and charisma — namely, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which just added another a new movie in his doc. Elsewhere, one of the most effective enemies the Avengers have ever faced assured us that their character is still alive, even though we never thought he wasn’t.

Sony Orders Another Spider-Verse Sequel (And No, Don’t Worry, It’s Not Morbius)

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Brace yourselves folks, Sony is unleashing yet another Spidey spinoff movie on an unsuspecting world. In news that shouldn’t come as a shock, the studio is moving forward Poison 3with the franchise starring Tom Hardy changes managers again. Andy Serkis, who already replaced Ruben Fleischer Let there be a Massacresimilarly leaving in favor of Kelly Marcel (Fifty Shades of Gray) making their directorial debut in the threequel.

One of the MCU’s best villains is teasing his return to Phase Five

lightning bolts
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When the MCU Lightning bolts The cast was announced, fans were confused because Baron Zemo, a team player in the comics, was not among them. Well, Daniel Bruhl is he still pleads the fifth in this, but when asked about his possible involvement in the anti-hero ensemble film, he promised that the Sokovian aristocrat is “not dead.” That’s probably all he can say without Kevin Feige using EDITH to send a missile after him.

Who does William Jackson Harper play? Ant-Man 3? It’s definitely not Reed Richards

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The good part Alumnus William Jackson Harper is the latest star to join Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhich initially got the fandom all in a tizzy since he is a top pick for Reed Richards. But Since then, more reasonable proposals have emerged as to who he might actually be playing in the triquel, with the general consensus being that he’ll be playing a superpowered citizen of Chronopolis – the city of the Quantum Realm – who allies himself with Team Ant-Man. We’ll find out for sure next February.

What is Vision Quest if not WandaVision persistent?

Set design via Marvel Studios / Disney Plus

The latest MCU rumor gaining steam on social media says that Marvel is developing a second one WandaVision spinoff, except Agatha: Coven of Chaos. This is allegedly called Vision Quest and possibly the White Vision star. You’d expect fans to balk at the promise of more from Paul Bettany’s ruminant robot, but in fact the news has split people down the middle, as some feel that Vision’s story should be over and done with, apparently forgetting that White Vision is his own character entirely. Nobody paid attention to his whole “Ship of Theseus” thing?

Stay tuned for more daily roundups of Marvel news as the House of Ideas continues to build outward.

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