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Sony Removes 1 Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie From Upcoming Development Schedule (Report)

by Stewart Cole

According to its screenwriter, an entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSMU) is most likely no longer in active development.

The story of Sony Pictures Silver Sable the movie is… well, it’s a lot. Originally conceived in 2014 as a team-up film between femme fatale Black Cat and high-tech mercenary Silvija Sablinova, (aka Silver Sable), the film was split into two separate projects in 2018.

From that point on, it was largely radio silence on both Silver Sable and Black cat solo films, with only brief comments from the writer of the first one from 2020 in which she shared that she had no updates.

Another canceled Sony Marvel movie


Talking to you ComicBook.com, Silver Sable Screenwriter Lindsey Anderson Beer opened up about the status of the solo film that got her pregnant. According to Anderson Beer, Sony is “not currently developing” Silver Sable any longer.

“It was something that Sony was looking at and then, as far as I know, it’s not being developed right now. I had to move it to another project at the time. I was only in it as — people hire writers like, it’s called ‘weekly’ , I was helping them.

This may come as no surprise as the studio had not given a specific update Silver SableIts development over a long period of time, no one else is involved either.

So, what movies are still on track for SSMU?

Madame Web

For starters, Dakota Johnson and director SJ Clarkson’s Madame Web hits theaters from February 16, 2024.

Poison 3

Additionally, Poison 3which will see Tom Hardy return to his fan-favorite character Eddie Brock, will hit theaters in July 2024. Aaron Taylor Johnson Kraven the Hunter will follow suit, releasing next month in August.


Craven was originally scheduled for October of this year, but due to the impact of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Sony chose to push it back almost a full year.

Olivia Wilde’s movie

Olivia Wilde is rumored to be directing a Spider-Man themed film for Sony as well. It is rumored to center around Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, and, as of December 2022, Wilde was reportedly still attached to the project.


And then there is Hypno-Hustlerwhich will reportedly take an incredibly dark Spidey villain and cast superstar Donald Glover in the lead role.

Bad Bunny’s vehicle El Muerto recently canceled. The film in question would star the rapper as a super-powered wrestler who has appeared in less than five issues of the comic.

So while Silver Sable may have been put out to pasture, at least for now, there are still plenty of films the studio is trying to get off the ground and into production.

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