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Spider-Man fans, do not click on these links to download the new movie

by Stewart Cole

Cybersecurity researchers warn on Friday that fraudsters are cheating people and stealing their bank details through phishing links based on the new movie “an-Spider-Man: No Way Home‘. Kaspersky’s investigators spotted some rogue activity ahead of the film’s premiere and found numerous examples of phishing websites set up to steal viewers’ bank accounts. To watch the new movie with superheroes before the premiere, people were asked to sign up and enter their credit card details.

After that, money was charged from their card and payment data collected by cybercriminals, but no early release of the film was available. “With the excitement surrounding the release of Spider-Man’s latest film, the inattention of excited viewers is being abused by cybercriminals. “The premiere of ‘No Way Home’ is no exception, but an attractive lure for spreading threats and phishing pages,” said cybersecurity researchers. .

There are tons of speculation and rumors circulating on the Internet about “No Way Home”. For example, reports are rampant that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are both returning as Spiderman from their respective films, “the report said.” Although there is no concrete evidence that they will do so, fans have already developed their own theories.

“To stimulate interest in phishing pages, scammers do not use official posters from the movie, but rather fans who present all the actors of Spider-Man. “With such posters, cybercriminals want to get more attention from fans,” the report said.

In most of the cases analyzed, Kaspersky’s researchers found movie downloaders capable of installing other unwanted programs, but there were also other Adware and even Trojans.

“We encourage users to be vigilant about the pages they visit and not download files from unverified websites,” said Tatyana Shcherbakova, Kaspersky’s security expert, adding that they avoid links that promise early movie or TV shows.

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