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Tabu back-to-back beats Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Drishyam 2: Making a film is like a gamble | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Tabu is currently going through a purple patch in her production career. In a year when many films failed to find fans, he starred in two blockbusters – Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Drishyam 2, which entered the 200 crore club.

“I’m speechless. I don’t think any of us ever imagined that our film would do these numbers. Most importantly, the combination of unanimous love for the film is encouraging. It wasn’t that the film was heavily promoted, it’s just the brand,” gushes the 52-year-old.

It was also a big risk for the makers since the audience was extremely picky about which movie to catch in theaters. Additionally, the original Malayalam film Drishyam 2 was released on a streaming platform in 2021, which could affect the Hindi version. Tabu agrees, “I don’t think about all that, I’m terrible at these calculations. I can’t understand or analyze the business side. People had these discussions in front of me, that it has come out in an OTT, who will go and watch the Hindi version now. Dekho, jab tak film release nahi hoti, band muthhi hoti hai. I’m terrible at making assumptions about any movie. Something worked like magic, which put an end to all these discussions and dialogues.”

Calling it “amazing” that two of her films have brought a much-needed breather to Bollywood, the actress maintains that it is unexpected. “You can never make any calculations. That’s why it’s really like a gamble. The producers were confident that the films would do well and I was amazed at this understanding. You can’t predict the mood of the audience, whether they want to see a movie or not. You can’t sit and deconstruct. Tell me someone responsible (for success)? There are so many factors that come into play. After all, it’s pointless to even try to understand. I don’t put my head there, it’s not my area. I just have to act in the film and enjoy the success,” says Tabu.

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