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The cast of Avatar 2 lived in the rainforest for the new movie

by Stewart Cole

In a conversation between Dune director Denis Villeneuve and Avatar director James Cameron, for variety, Cameron has discussed how he prepared his actors to play in an almost entirely CGI world. And that included a “sense-memory odyssey” in the rainforest.

Cameron is currently working – checking notes – four sequels to 2009 Avatar, a movie that held the world box office record for a decade before Avengers: Endgame was released. It is located in a world called Pandora, in which lives a peaceful tribe of people called Na’vi, in harmony with their environment.

Villeneuve asked Cameron. “For your actors, if they are in a forest, do they have a live reference in front of them or is it like a blue construction in which they walk? How can you bring sensuality, something tactile? “

And Cameron replied, “I got the actors in what I called a sense-memory odyssey. We went to Kauai. We lived in the rainforest for a few days. We were cooking on an underground fire. We drank water from the leaves “.

Does he continue? I said, ‘Okay, we’re going up a path and I want you to notice as much as you can about how you put your feet up, how you put your hands up when you go up a steep section. You have to remember how it felt, how it smelled and you have to put it back in a relatively sterile environment. ” “We all just started this journey.”

Cameron also discussed the process of shooting multiple films at the same time. “Avatar 2 is completely in the box. We have a functional section in which we complete the visual effects. I feel very confident with this movie. Avatar 3 is still a bit shady. It’s too long. But I know I have the shows. This is the important thing. I’ve done all the downloading. I’ve done most of the live action shooting. We were concerned about the children who were getting older “.

He continued; “We combined the Avatar 2 and 3 programs together, based on scene types and environments. I said, let’s treat it like a six-hour mini-series and go to Frankfurt only once. We will shoot all the scenes from 2 and 3 at the same time. That was pretty much the pattern.

Concluded. “The availability of actors was also an issue. Whatever had to be done with a particular actor, we did all the scenes for 2 and 3 together – and a little bit of 4. Because once again, I had to shoot the kids (before they got too old). They are allowed to grow six years in the middle of movie 4. So I needed everything before then, and after everything after, we will do it later “.

It seems that Cameron has definitely designed these films in meticulous detail and we look forward to seeing the final results. While we wait, take a look at our guide to the best science fiction movies.

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