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The creator of Shanks’ One Piece Teases Part in the new Anime movie

by Stewart Cole

One piece may end within the next five years, according to creator Eiichiro Oda, but that does not stop the story of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates from going through all the stages before the Shonen franchise closes. Having told the story of the Grand Line for decades, Oda himself is not ashamed when it comes to answering questions from fans and has recently delved deeper into the franchise’s next film. One Piece: Red, which will bring back the enigmatic pirate known as Shanks.

This year’s Jump Festa, the annual event that highlights the Shonen franchises during its operation, once again had a panel dedicated to One piece, with Eiichiro Oda present and seizing the opportunity not only to touch on the upcoming fifteenth film in the series, but also to hint at the role that Shanks will have in it:

“Shanks is indeed a mysterious character. She will meet Luffy in the movie One Piece: Red? It has a lot of scenes in the movie. “

Oda also discussed the current arc running in both the TV series and the manga for One Piece, War For Wano Arc, where he sees Luffy and his straw hats fighting the forces of Kaido and his Beast Pirates for to liberate the isolated nation of Wano. and open its borders to the world:

“I’m surprised Wano Arc is not over yet. I was looking forward to painting” this last Wano Arc scene! “

While this upcoming film will have a big role for the Shanks it seems, it will also be the first film to have Jinbe as an official member of the Straw Hat Pirates, adding a few essential muscles to Luffy and his crew for any fights there may be. in this fifteenth film.

One Piece: Red is set to hit theaters in Japan on August 6 next year, although the Shonen franchise has not yet revealed when it will do the same in cinemas in the West, as will many others. One piece movies have in the past. As the series progresses to its finale, one can guess how many more films will be released before Eiichiro Oda calls for a stop after a legendary series.

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