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The Glass Onion was dethroned as the #1 Netflix Movie by Christian Bale’s Latest

by Stewart Cole

Since it became available for streaming, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was the #1 movie on Netflix for two weeks. The Rian Johnson murder mystery has garnered huge ratings since its premiere just before Christmas, but a new movie arrived and very quickly stole the crown, the new movie starring Christian Bale The Pale Blue Eye. Bale stars as a retired detective in 1830 who is hired to solve a murder at West Point, New York, and his hand is shaken by none other than Edgar Allan Poe, a cadet at the military academy. This new movie just premiered on Netflix on Friday, but audiences are already flocking to it in a big way.

Ahead of this weekend Glass onionNetflix viewership was already impressive. In just its first 10 days of release, the film was watched a total of over 209 million hours by subscribers, moving it to the streaming platform’s top 10 movies of all time list (albeit at the bottom). This time next week, the movie will almost certainly be higher than that on the list and when all is said and done could be the #3 Netflix movie ever. The Pale Blue Eye it may be enjoying being on top of the mountain right now, but its 67% critic and 74% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, plus its bleak ending, mean it could pass Glass onion if the audience leaves.

Check out the current top 10 movies on Netflix below.

#5 – King Kong

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#2 – Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery



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