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The Hunchback of Paris sings “Monster Singer: Magic in Paris”

by Pansy Robbins
In ‘Monster Singer: Magic in Paris’, Franco sings on stage while hiding his identity as a monster chip. Although he used the motif of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, the main character is a good character reminiscent of Quasimodo in ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, who has a monstrous appearance and a gentle nature.

Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, when scientific and technological revolutions such as the automobile and trains took place. In Paris, where even the Eiffel Tower was submerged in the 1910 flood, mysterious monsters are seen all over the city and are thrown into chaos. However, in reality, the monster is a 2m-long chip created by accidental delivery boy Raoul (Adam Goldberg) and Sucker Theater employee ‘Emile’ (Jay Harrington) during an accident at a lab. Chief Maynot (Danny Huston), who has lost his popularity due to a flood, tries to recover by catching the monster Franco (Sean Lennon). Franco has great singing skills and a good heart, but is mistakenly considered “harmful” because of his creepy appearance. The performance is a huge success, but the police lift the siege.

Singer-songwriter Sean Lennon will play the role of Franco, Adam Goldberg, a personality actor famous for a “beautiful spirit” like Raul, Vanessa Paradis, a singer-songwriter who plays the most popular Parisian singer ‘Lucille’, and ‘Carlotta’, Lucille’s aunt, is alone Catherine O’Hara, Catherine O’Hara, ‘Home’ cabin mom. Since this is a musical animation, we put a lot of effort into the song. In 2005, “Monster Singer Magic in Paris”, which was made from a song with only a script, started with the composition of the song and went through interactions between actors and characters, unlike the work general of the OST, who inserts a song once the story is over. .made ‘The Seine’ with its light and sad atmosphere, where Franco and Lucille meet for the first time, and ‘A monster in Paris’, where they lament their existence during the first meeting with Lucille, are particularly memorable numbers. In the scene where a single sunflower seed grows to a height of 15 meters, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, the submerged Eiffel Tower and a giant airship remind us of the World’s Fair of the early 1900s. Yet the chase in car between the Montmartre cable car and the police which rushes through the old streets of Paris is spectacular for an animation.

As in many classics, the theme of the film is the contrast between the angel hidden under the face of a monster and the devil hidden under the face of a human. Trapped in a monster’s body, Franco, an angelic character, has red eyes and a blue face like a mosquito. never beautiful However, towards the end of the film, Chief Maynot, who tries to kill monsters and innocent people for his fame, feels more monstrous.

Director Vivo Bergeron of ‘Shark’ animation directed it, and Luc Besson participated in the production, and the crew of ‘Thing’, ‘Thing 2 Gather’, ‘Soul’ and ‘Coco’ participated. The film further accentuates the unexpected launched by the monster Franco in the second half of the film by showing the ordinary daily life of ‘Emile’, who adores the film, and of ‘Raoul’, a delivery man who adores his car, instead of the pursue the monster Franco until the middle of the film. It doesn’t have the fast-paced or humorous quirkiness of the latest animation, but it does offer a “good hobby” to be enjoyed slowly, like a classic French film in slow motion. It is a work that gives charm like an arthouse film that is not found in studio films like “Shark” and “El Dorado”. In the end credits of the film, you can hear the first demo version of the song, made around 2005. Released May 26, running time 89 minutes.

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