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The Internet is obsessed with the latest Netflix holiday movie

by Stewart Cole

A quick look at the list of the most popular Netflix shows tells you everything you need to know about how holiday subscribers feel. A castle for Christmas, A boy named Christmas, Love Hard, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star and others are all comfortable at the top of the rankings, but another one we haven’t even mentioned yet is the only one that is trending right now.

Single all the Way landed on Friday and as you will no doubt be able to draw from the title, it is the kind of formula and without inspiration that the public is not fed up with this time of year. In an attempt to avoid being judged by his family because he is free, Michael Uri’s Pete persuades his best friend Nick, played by Philemon Chambers, to play his boyfriend during a trip home.

Although this short logline tells you exactly where things will end up, Single all the Way has been one of the top topics on Twitter all day because fans don’t seem to get enough of it.

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Lots of praise goes to the always trustworthy Jennifer Coolidge, who still offers a supportive interpretation that steals the stage, but Single all the Way has thrown the shackles of mediocrity to become the most recent Christmas success story on Netflix, and there will be many more where it came from in the next three weeks.

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