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The last scene of the movie Airbender that did not make sense to Avatar fans

by Stewart Cole

Over the years, fans have voiced countless complaints about “The Last Airbender” and it’s not hard to see why. From its whitewashed plaster Due to the lack of humor in its script – a key element of the cartoon – the film presents a fundamental misunderstanding of the characters and the world they are trying to adapt. This may not be better proven than when “The Last Airbender” brought the spotlight on the Earthbenders in a series that those familiar with their cartoon counterparts can only describe as “scratching their heads”.

As Redditor points out RickySmith2005“The Last Airbender” looks like it takes a group of Earthbenders performing a ritual dance to lift a relatively small rock – something like Toph Beifong (Jessie Flower) could have done faster and more efficiently on the TV show. Among the many comments that joked that there was no live-action movie “Avatar” at all, many expressed their frustration on stage, saying how incredible it was to see what the film had reduced the Earthbenders.

At the same time, not all “Last Airbender” viewers are so quick to perform right now. Penney Sound on YouTube went ahead and dismantled the stage, explaining that the dance troupe was responsible for creating a rock wall seconds earlier and that a single Earthbender threw the smallest missile rock on its own. This analysis may be correct, but with the way this scene unfolded, it is easy to see where the confusion came from in the first place. In any case, we can only hope that Netflix’s “Avatar” interpretation handles much better details like this.

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