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The most-watched Netflix movies last week took an amazing turn

by Stewart Cole

Someone to call whoever runs the account “Is The Town on Netflix? “and let them know that thanks to their due diligence,” The Town “is in the top 10 for the second consecutive week. Ben Affleck’s police thriller dropped from fifth to seventh this week, proof that memes do have a date but this movie will always have a strangely aggressive fan base, but mostly harmless that wants more people to watch “The Town” and enjoy the chaos.

The biggest surprise, however, is the romantic thriller “Brazen” that jumps and takes first place. Based on the romantic thriller by Nora Roberts, the film starring Alice Milano is only six days old on Netflix, but managed to knock out “Don’t Look Up”.

You may be wondering why a seemingly random release is the most popular movie on the platform, and part of it is due to an overwhelming wave of support to fight spasms. When she took over the cast in Milan, Roberts flooded Facebook with members of her fans who hate Milan because of her involvement in the #MeToo movement and her criticism of the Trump administration. Roberts stood in the casting of Milan and did not care what a bunch of bigots had to say, and there was a push from progressives to support the film in an effort to combat the hate campaign launched by the #GoWokeGoBroke crowd. Well, it worked, because “Brazen” is the movie with the most screenings this week.

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