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The new Hamilton boutique gives new life to the old clothes used in film productions

by Stewart Cole

By Amy Kouniakis

Published December 10, 2021 at 11:27 am

Upcycled Aviary, a new vintage clothing store in downtown Hamilton, has opened and specializes in changing clothes used in film productions. – Photo courtesy of Upcycled Aviary Instagram

A new vintage clothing store inspired by the glamor and splendor of old Hollywood but with an emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility has now opened in downtown Hamilton.

The Upcycled Aviary (UA) has started welcoming customers to their brand new shop window at 111 King St. And last week, just in time for the busy festive shopping season.

The boutique is truly unique in that much of its clothing collection consists of redesigned, “favorite” clothing, many of which come from film productions.

“At Upcycled Aviary we have had the good fortune to work with Canadian and film productions to create unique and modern pieces from closets that would otherwise go to landfills,” the store said on its website.

“Carefully selected vintage clothes complete our collections and prevent these treasures from being thrown away prematurely.”

These unique pieces are also offered at very reasonable prices and with an emphasis on social, environmental and community responsibility.

The UA demonstrates this commitment by hosting a food event in support of Hamilton Food Share in its first week of operation. The UA also includes a land identification that recognizes the traditional management of indigenous peoples on the land on which the store operates on its website.

Local sellers and manufacturers are distinguished by some of the other non-clothing items available for purchase in the store, which include cards, prints, decorations and more.

“The community is everything to us at Upcycled Aviary,” the UA website said. “Creating a better world starts here at Hammer.”

For more information on the Upcycled Aviary and its shipping, or to read the store’s unique (and wonderful) collection, visit Website and give them a follow on social media.

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