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The new ‘Resident Evil’ movie appears to be in the works

by Stewart Cole

The Resident Evil The film franchise has been an ongoing series for decades. The latest movie, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Cityit didn’t hit theaters until 2021. Now it looks like the next one Resident Evil dose is already under development.

It is unknown whether or not Welcome to Raccoon City it would continue. The previous film series, which began with the 2002 film starring Milla Jovovich, spawned several sequels. It looked like Sony would be hoping to recreate that success now, as shared via Bloody-Disgustingthis seems to be the case.

Here’s how they explained the situation regarding the project as learned from the official website for the City of Sudbury:

“The city, which was one of the filming locations Welcome to Raccoon City, will receive $2 million CAD from the provincial government for the project, which is being developed by Raccoon HG Film Productions. The same production company was behind the 2021 film.”

While it is unknown if the film could be a sequel, it appears to be titled “The Umbrella Chronicles» at this point in time. This was also the name of a 2007 video game, and furthermore it is equally unknown if there is any connection. But Welcome to Raccoon City definitely left the door open for an additional sequel. The film in particular included a rather interesting scene with Albert Wesker. Other specific details about this film project, including the cast or crew, have yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any extras Resident Evil updates as we have them. The films so far have received mixed reviews from fans of the franchise. Still, the movies have mostly done very well at the box office, so it makes sense that Sony would want to keep the brand alive. Hopefully more details will be announced soon.

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