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The new trailer for the DC League of Super-Pets shows the evil Lulu

by Stewart Cole

Superheroes who have their own super-pets have a long tradition in comics. It is reasonable; An important part of the superhero rule is the various relationships they have with their families and colleagues, many of whom also have their own superpowers. The new trailer for DC League of Super-Pets is a celebration of these characters and shows a cast of lovable pets coming together to save humanity.

The movie seems to start with Krypto, Superman’s dog, who teaches a cast of lesser known superpowers such as Ace the Bat-Hound (Kevin Hart), Chip (Diego Luna), a lightning squirrel or Merton ( Natasha Lyonne). ), a super speed turtle. The Justice League also appears in the film, building friendships with their respective pets. However, Lega is kidnapped by a mysterious guinea pig named Lulu. What Lulu wants the Justice League for, and its origins, will probably be important plot points in the film.

With Superman and friends in danger, the super pets are the ones who must unite and save them from Lulu. It looks like it will follow many of the typical rhythms of a superhero group movie, but with a lot of inspiration from The secret life of pets.

DC League of Super-Pets is set to hit theaters on July 29.

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