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The producer of The Last Kingdom reveals that the spin-off of the film is an “individual” story

by Stewart Cole

The upcoming sequel to The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die tells a standalone story, according to executive producer Nigel Marchant.

Based on the novels of Bernard Cornwell, the semi-fantasy drama series chronicles the violent events that led to the formation of England in the 10th century from the perspective of the fictional character Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon).

The series ends after five seasons, but the epic will continue for one last time, with a feature-length Netflix film currently being shot in Hungary.

Draymon said the creative team always designed a five-season arc, based on the ten books The Last Kingdom that were published at the time of the first season premiere.

However, since then Cornwell has written three other entries that serve as inspiration for Seven Kings Must Die, with the film being an epilogue that exists independently of the main story.

As a result, Marchant said Seven Kings Must Die would be accessible even to people who have never seen an episode of the TV series, describing it as an “autonomous” story.

He began: “As for the 5th season, we felt that these two central parts of the story came together and it was the natural point to end the TV series. In the five seasons there was a very clear beginning, middle and end, so it was a team decision in which we ended up.

“However, we did know that there were a few more books (so as not to spoil anything!) That followed from where we get to the end of season 5. So we started talking Netflix early enough on whether we could say this final piece of the jigsaw puzzle so that we feel complete. “

The cast of Seven Kings Must Die has been kept secret to avoid destroying the characters who survive the events of Season 5, but Dreymon is confirmed to be leading a host of young people and returnees.

Marchant added: “And it was thought that the release of the movie was the right format to do that. Season 5 looks like the end of the TV series and the movie will be a lot more independent. It will be an added treat for TV fans. series, but you could also watch it even if you have never seen the TV series. “

Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 are available for streaming on Netflix. See more of the coverage for Drama or visit our TV Guide to see what happens tonight.

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