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The protagonist of “Young Sheldon” made big money for his new role in the film

by Stewart Cole

Iain Armitage does not need to rely Young Sheldon to stimulate his fortune. The 13-year-old actor, who became famous on HBO’s Big Little Lies, is the voice of Chase, the main character PAW Patrol: The Movie, one of the biggest cartoon hits of 2021. Armitage’s contract for the film is said to guarantee at least a $ 100,000 salary.

Armitage was paid $ 10,000 for the recordings PAW Patrol: The Movie, according to the juvenile’s contract filed with the Los Angeles Supreme Court and obtained by TMZ Last week. His deal secured at least ten sessions, which would mean a salary of $ 100,000.

Like many contracts for stars today, it also included bonuses based on box office odds. Armitage had a $ 175,000 bonus if PAW Patrol: The Movie reached $ 150 million at the US and Canadian box offices. If the film did even more than that, it could have grossed up to $ 1.675 million from the film. Unfortunately for Paramount and Armitage, it stopped at $ 130 million. This is another strong result, since the movie was released on Paramount + during the coronavirus pandemic, but it was not enough to start the Armitage bonuses.

In November, Paramount launched a sequel entitled PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie by Nickelodeon and Spin Master. The Mighty Movie was scheduled to hit theaters on October 13, 2023. It is unclear whether Armitage will be called back to lead the voice cast for the sequel. Chase was voiced by different actors for PAW Patrol series, including Justin Paul Kelly, who took on the role in Season 5.

Armitage first impressed viewers with its performance on HBO’s Big Little Lies. She starred as Ziggy Chapman, the son of Shelaine Woodley character, in the two seasons of the series. Almost immediately after the first season of the series won critical acclaim, Armitage was cast as the young Sheldon Cooper on CBS. ‘ Young Sheldon. The theory of the Big Bang The prequel series was a huge success for CBS and has been renewed at least during the 2023-2024 TV season. Armitage also voiced the voice of young Shaggy in 2020 Scooby Doo film Scoop!.

In August, Armitage said Discussing Film He likes to do both live action and voice acting. “I would love to do more voice acting in the future. It’s very nice and I like to do it,” she said. Live action, I think that ‘s what I’m used to. I could just slip in and say,’ Okay, let’s go. ‘ I’m cool with both, though. ”

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