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The Soviet Classic Set “Irony of Fate” has a riveting New Year’s treat

by Stewart Cole

The Soviet film “The Irony of Fate” is a New Year’s Eve tradition in Russian households for decades.

This year, Russia’s Mosfilm studio offers a riveting New Year experience for hardcore fans of the classic celebration.

With the support of the Russian food delivery service Delivery Club, Mosfilm is recreating the famous apartment where the film was shot.

Mosfilm Decorstroy’s studio’s stage production unit used original Soviet designs and genuine film props – such as the protagonist’s fur coat, dress and guitar – to recreate the look and feel of the apartment.

“Every one of us has dreamed of being the main character of ‘The Irony of Fate’, no New Year is complete without this milestone,” said Andrei Gushchin, head of Mosfilm’s main production.

The Soviet romantic comedy, directed and written by the famous director Eldar Ryazanov, immediately became a classic with its original release in 1976 and is seen again by millions of people in Russia and the former Soviet states every New Year’s Eve.

The story of a man who arrives in the right apartment in the wrong city after a group of friends in the sauna on New Year’s Eve, “The Irony of Fate” is often seen as a satirical critique of Soviet reality – Brezhnev’s boring uniform – The public Seasonal housing is the main complication of comedy.

Fans will be able to book a free visit to the main hero’s apartment by selecting “Irony of Fate Restaurant Booking” via the Delivery Club smartphone app.

The service will select five winners each day between December 20 and 25 and invite them and two guests of their choice to the Mosfilm stand, located between Moscow State University and Luzhniki Stadium.

There, they will be treated to a classic Russian New Year’s Eve dinner with Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat, fish asparagus, tangerines and Soviet champagne – along with stories from the movie set.

“Delivery services have a special role in December,” said the Delivery Club press service. “This time we decided to deliver not only food and groceries, but also a unique opportunity to be in the same apartment” with the characters of the favorite movie.

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