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The Superhero dives into the role of Pan in the movie

by Stewart Cole

The daughter of Gohan and Videl has not yet thrown a punch in the sequel to Dragon Ball Super, but that is about to change with the arrival of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero next month. Training under Piccolo, Pan took more screen time in the final trailer for the next Shonen movie and looks set to play a major role in the return of the Red Ribbon Army and the world’s miserable organization plans.

Pan has a long history in the world of Dragon Ball, not in the world Dragon Ball Super be careful, but with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Appearance in its final arc Dragon Ball ZPan played a major role in the now-defunct series known as Dragon Ball Grand Tourbouncing around it universe with Goku’s grandfather and a Trunks teenager. The upcoming Super hero The film brings Pan closer to the GT itself by raising it for a few years, though unfortunately, it seems like it is now a target of the Red Ribbon Army.

Although no footage has been leaked to the Red Ribbon Watching Pan, the latest trailer shows Gohan and Videl’s daughter being abducted by the criminal organization, with the film also mentioning in the past that Pan has begun to enter ” family business »training with Namekian Piccolo, who had trained her father so many years ago during his first story Dragon Ball Z.

If you have not yet seen the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroyou can watch it below to see if you can get a better idea of ​​what Pan will do as she starts training to fight like her family but is in a lot of new trouble:

While the film will be released in Japan this April, April 22, an exact release date has not yet been revealed in North America, although the filmmakers are hinting at a summer release period for the West.

Do you think we can see Pan succeed in becoming a Super Saiyan in this new movie? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments or let me know directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all the comics, anime and its world Dragon Ball.

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