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The top 2021 streaming movies have only 60% new releases

by Stewart Cole

Nielsen released the top 2021 blockbuster movies and of the top 15 most-watched movies last year, just over half the titles were real new releases. The other movies on the list were favorites from the recent past, and Disney + dominated with a number of animated promotions. According to the data (via Deadline) eight of the top 15 streaming movies in 2021 were released that year and seven of the total list seven were animated deals at Disney +.

Disney dominates the list from the top with Pixar’s Lukefollowed by the 2016 film Moana, Raya and the Last Dragoν, and 2019 Frozen 2. of Netflix Red alert completes the top five, only for Disney to dominate again for the next lot of five starting with number six, 2013 Frosteddecade of 2020 Souland Cruella. of Netflix The Mitchells Vs. The Machines comes in at number nine while Disney Jungle cruise completes the first 10 groups. The last group of five is also dominated by Disney, but sees Amazon making some progress. The number 11 belongs Black Widow followed by Amazon Tomorrow’s warafter the 2017 Pixar movie Cocoaa Netflix movie of 2020 We can become heroesand then a second Marvel entry in the 2019 list Avengers: Endgame completing the first 15 groups.

As for the interesting mix of new releases and older favorites, looking at the list, some of the data makes sense. Fans are getting ready to watch Black Widowfor example, would probably revisit it Avengers: Endgame while his fans Luke can also watch some of Pixar’s other favorite movies like e.g. Soul and Cocoa. There is also the idea that, with regard to the films released in 2021, there have been arguably fewer releases even with the production of films and television programs increasing due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And, of course, the pandemic could affect the list in other ways, such as children and younger viewers perhaps spending more time watching movies in advance than before, or even just having viewers turn to their favorite movies for comfort in uncertain times. .

What will be interesting is to compare this list, at least in terms of the new version with the existing traffic data, with the list for 2022 a year from now. So far, 2022 is emerging as a year of stacking for new releases that will end up in streamers, which means it is likely and even more likely that we will see a little more dominance of new releases when the numbers for 2022 are analyzed.

What do you think about the top 15 streaming movies for 2021? Which movie did you make the biggest flow last year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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