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Three gems slated for upcoming Shuswap Film Society Mini Film Fest – Salmon Arm Observer

by Stewart Cole

The Shuswap Film Society selection committee once again did a great job selecting the films for our Mini Film Festival this weekend.

All three films are highly rated and very different from each other.

I can’t help but think that everyone should see Marcel the Shell in shoes. An animated/live-action movie might not normally be your thing, but this American film is sweet and surprisingly touching. It’s the life journey of an instantly lovable one-inch shell named Marcel. He and his rude grandmother live in a large house that was used as an Airbnb and was filled with friends until they all mysteriously disappeared. When a new guest, Dean (human), arrives, Marcel convinces him to share the mysterious loss of his community online, which leads to media attention and new hope of finding his family. Marcel the Shell is everything a great movie should be: emotional, fun, funny and sometimes suspenseful. It airs at 4pm on Saturday and 7.30pm on Sunday.

The Good Boss, Spain’s 2022 Oscar nominee, is a satire on corporate corruption. Javier Bardem is perfectly slick and slimy as Blanco, the head of a company that makes industrial scales who comes across as a benevolent father figure to his workforce. A government panel is due to visit to possibly award the company for excellence, and if Blanco can maintain an air of cheerful productivity for the judges, the prize is his. Beneath the surface, however, there is turmoil and turmoil. Blanco’s indiscretions and penchant for secrets and lies are exposed and the pillar of the community is revealed to have the ethics of the serpent. As Bilge Emir told Vulture online: “What is being made here is not a person, or a company, but an entire culture.” Subtitled, The Good Boss airs Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m

From the UK, Brian and Charles, a Sundance Film Festival favorite, is a sweet odd-couple comedy about an eccentric inventor and his mischievous robot. Living a quiet, lonely life in a Welsh village, Brian decides that if no friends come to him, he will build one. His robot, Charles, has a washing machine for a belly and gains knowledge by reading dictionaries, and the two form an instant bond. Charles becomes Brian’s best mate, but when Charles is kidnapped, Brian and kind neighbor Hazel must fight for his freedom. This movie is funny and quirky but with amazing insight and charm. Brian and Charles open the festival on Friday at 4pm. and plays again on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

All movies are shown on Salmar Classic. See you at the movies.

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