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Treat your ears to a street spectacle… A feast for the eyes with Nordic films

by Pansy Robbins
A KT model introduces the “2023 Chuseok Special” which will take place on KT Genie TV during the upcoming Chuseok holiday. K.T.

The three mobile operators have prepared a rich set of content and various events for family members to enjoy for the upcoming Chuseok holiday.

SK Telecom has prepared various Chuseok commemorative events through its “If Land” metaverse service. First of all, a musical event that can be enjoyed on the way home will take place on the 27th, one day before the Chuseok holiday. On the 27th, a street event will be held at the Gapyeong Rest Area Performance Hall with the participation of singers Mincheon and Hong Seonghyun, and guests who cannot come to the venue can also enjoy the performance at If Land .

In If Land, an event to send greetings to “Grandma Son Kang-su” in Chuseok will be held until October 3. These include events such as logging into IfHome and leaving a wish, uploading a photo of yourself enjoying the Chuseok holiday, and finding “Fortune Songpyeon” on IfHome and leaving a comment. If you attend all three events, you will be entered. in a drawing to receive a 50,000 won Naver Pay gift certificate, etc.

KT has prepared content for children to enjoy during the holidays. KT will host a holiday special on Genie TV’s kids-only “Kids Land” through Oct. 5 and offer more than 200 kids’ content for free. Exclusive Kids Land content such as Coco Melon and Little Angel are provided for free, along with nursery rhymes Pororo Dinosaur Island and Catch! You can also watch Tiniping.

Additionally, Genie TV will host a “2023 Chuseok Special” where the whole family can enjoy the latest movies, and if you purchase and watch at least one of the latest movies, you will be entered into a draw to receive a custom-made Samsung. Cube refrigerator as a gift.

LG U+ opens up a set of free content that enthusiasts can enjoy according to their tastes, including content produced in Northern Europe. Original content produced by Nordic streaming platform ‘Via Play’ is available for free on U+tv, including ‘Munch’, a biopic about the life of painter Edvard Munch, ‘The Most Lonely Restaurant in the World’ and ‘Catwalk’ . ‘. Additionally, action and family films such as “Crime City 2”, “Suspicious Granny”, “Daddy Daughter”, “CSI Vegas Season 2” and “Royal Opera House 2022-23 Cinderella”, investigative dramas criminal and classic content. were prepared.

Meanwhile, the three mobile communications companies are carrying out the “V Coloring Family Video Campaign”, which uploads videos taken by families together during Chuseok as content through the viewable video coloring service “V Coloring”. You can upload a video taken with your family and loved ones to the event page before October 22, then participate with your story.

Winning customers will receive generous prizes that they can enjoy as a family, including carnival cars, travel vouchers and hotel gift certificates.

Additionally, all three mobile communications companies are offering free video calls during the Chuseok holiday from September 28 to October 3. Apart from subscribers of the three mobile phone companies, budget phone users can also enjoy the same benefits.

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