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“Vancity Raps” sheds light on hip-hop scene in Vancouver, Surrey – Surrey Now-Leader

by Stewart Cole

A new documentary sheds light on the “different scene” of artists in the Vancouver hip-hop scene, including some based in Surrey.

Actor / director Pale Christian Thomas moved behind the camera to create the 90 minute “Vancity Raps,” the documentary’s debut, which combines an exploration of hip-hop music in the Vancouver area with an alien fantasy story.

The 90-second trailer of the movie was viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube in just a few weeks, causing a stir.

It’s a “globally unique, architecturally sound” documentary, which boasts a post on the Adler & Associates Entertainment website. “The fresh shade and its individual plots, intertwined through the narration of the strategic documentary, make this film a must-see for all music lovers. “Legends like Moka Only and rising hip-hop superstars are participating.”

Artists from Surrey Shaun Obaid and J-Geezy (also known as Kweku), along with Delta’s Daniel Joseph (also known as Dangerous), are among those appearing in Phantom Media’s semi-fantasy, slightly remote film.

“It’s not available anywhere yet,” Thomas said. “We just signed a deal in Los Angeles with a sales representative last month. This will be released on Netflix, TV, VOD etc., next year or so. “We officially finished the film last month and we are on a press tour right now to raise public awareness.”

Search for movie updates at facebook.com/VanCityRaps.


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