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Vidya Balan says she is “indifferent” to 2 of her films: “I walked in their sleep”

by Joe Bourn

Actor Vidia Balan is known for its powerful performances, with the last two years giving us films like Sherni and Shakuntala Devi. The actress, who recently starred in the Jalsa prototype of Amazon Prime Video, is now talking about starring in roles supported by writers and how she discovered over the years that there were certain roles that did not just excite her.

In a recent interview, the actress talked about how, as opposed to how she likes her roles, she feels indifferent to some of the movies she has starred in. Vidya told Siddharth Kannan on his YouTube show, “I think Heyy Babyy and Kismat Konnection were probably two movies where I was not sure what I was doing. I kept feeling like a fish out of water, and I think it seemed so despite the fact that both movies went very well. I think it made me realize that I should not play such roles. “

When asked if she feels uncomfortable watching herself in these movies, Vidya said: “Not uncomfortable. Basically I did not pay attention. I fell asleep in these movies, because I do not know that I did not enjoy it “. He added: “I do not regret doing it at all, but I do not think I see it as a risk, I think it was some choices I made and they were indifferent. “And I do not think indifference is something I would like to live with.”

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