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Watch the new Oceaner Freediving short film!

by Stewart Cole

In early 2022, Ocean and cinematographer Sven Driesbach began discussing a new film project to showcase the company’s custom REC45 cold water outfit and incredible underwater scenery Catalina, California.

Oceaner Freediving collaborated with of Dresbach production company Revolutio Creative LLC to realize an idea that had been in his head for a while.

The short film “View from above” is a collaboration between Ocean and Dreesbachusing one iPhone 13 Pro and Filmic Pro app and it is new frame.io integration.

The film is showing Oceaner’s 6.0mm REC45 suitworn by a freediver Sarah Sylvester among its amazing underwater landscape Catalina.

The short film centers around a dive in a single breath, taking the viewer on a journey back to a time when our lives had just begun. Told through underwater photography of a freediver exploring a deep-ocean kelp forest, “View from above” explores the primary relationship between man and the sea. It dares to shine a light on what draws us inwardly to it, drawing a direct connection to instincts long lost on our path to becoming human.

The short film has already been awarded three trophies recently W3 Awards For:

  • Video Features – Best Use of Videography/Cinematography, Gold
  • Branded Entertainment-Sports, Gold
  • Branded Entertainment-Advertising, Gold

Additionally, “View from above” has also recently been awarded a Bronze statuette in CLIO Sports Awards in New York at Cinematography category.

Checkout “View from above” below.

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