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What are the security rules against cyberattacks during the holiday season and New Year?

by Pansy Robbins
KISA introduces 9 safety precautions and 5 safety rules, emphasizing safety checks and preparations

[보안뉴스 김영명 기자] In anticipation of cyberattacks during the holiday season and New Year, security managers in each company should pay more attention to security rules to strengthen internal security. Especially, since the recent incidents of ransomware infection and information leakage occur continuously, it is necessary for every company to thoroughly inspect and prepare for security.

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Korea Internet Safety and Security Agency’s (KISA) Comprehensive Crisis Room Team Announced Plans to Enhance Security During the Year-End and New Year Holidays, and Introduced 9 Precautions safety and 5 safety rules.

First of all, security precautions are ① Recommended for offline backup of important files and documents separated from the network ② Disable network services that are not in use and set access control in the firewall so that only authorized administrators can access it ③ Difficult-to-identify passwords deduce (digits, Strengthen management using a combination of upper and lower case letters and special characters (more than 8 digits) ④ Install a reliable vaccine (maintain the latest version, apply real-time detection, etc.) and perform regular inspections ⑤ Power disable unused systems to prevent them from being used as hacking routes Prevention in advance ⑥ Reconfirm access control settings for key servers and network equipment and strengthen additional authentication such as OTP ⑦E-mail warning notice than phishing (be careful when clicking on text links, downloading attachments and executing them) authorized user terminals) ⑨Verification of the emergency contact system and intervention procedures in anticipation of infraction accidents.

Also, as safety rules, ① be prepared for the spread of smishing which exploits social issues and “be careful when clicking URLs and phone numbers in texts with unknown sources” ② do not not run files disguised as the latest illegally downloaded movies via P2P programs ③ phishing In order to prevent email account leaks, additional authentication settings such as OTP on the portal site and blocking of IP addresses at abroad are defined. ④ Perform the latest updates of PC and smartphone operating systems and install reliable vaccines for regular inspection ⑤ Damage such as infection with malicious code occurs If so, report it immediately to the Korean Internet Security Agency and ask the “My PC Care” service to be inspected.

“My PC Care” provided by KISA is a free security check service for terminals such as PCs and smartphones, and can be requested from “Security Check-My PC Care” on the Boho Nara website.

A KISA official said, “If damage occurs due to a cyberattack during the holidays, you can immediately report it to KISA to receive action. It can be reported by cable to the General Situation Room of the Internet and Security Agency’s Internet Breach Response Center.
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